ALEKS PPL: A Math Placement Test

High school is a crucial time for students to begin planning for college success. ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning’s (ALEKS PPL) unique combination of adaptive assessments and personalized learning, accurately identifies students’ readiness for college-level math.​

ALEKS PPL provides insight into what each student knows and is ready to learn with a single personalized, open-response assessment covering 314 topics in 25 questions or less. The entire assessment can be completed in 90 minutes. Based on this adaptive assessment, ALEKS PPL determines a student’s readiness and places him or her into courses from Basic Math to Calculus 1.

How Our Math Placement Test Works

Measures Readiness​
ALEKS PPL’s open-response, adaptive assessment identifies which of the 340 topics assessed students know and don't know, in 25 questions or less. It then accurately determines readiness for courses ranging from Basic Mathematics to Calculus I. Many colleges and universities use ALEKS PPL's Assessment results as their math placement exam.​

Provides Actionable Insights​
After completing their first Placement Assessment, students can compare results with their college goals and take action to prepare for a higher-level course. ALEKS PPL includes an individualized Prep and Learning Module students can work in for up to 12 months to refresh forgotten skills. ALEKS PPL allows for four additional placement assessments so students can track their progress.​

Maintains Math Skills​
The Prep and Learning Module emphasizes skills needed for success in college-level​ math, providing timely review to students of all math levels. Students who do not plan to take math their junior or senior year can retain and increase their math skills even during a gap in instruction.​

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