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A K–8 Supplemental Math Program

Targeted Instruction for All

As an educator, you know that having access to on-level learning is essential to student success. But finding appropriate resources that differentiate and scaffold instruction effectively can be difficult.​

The Arrive Math™ Booster can provide you with resources to meet all of your students at their level and provide the appropriate amount of intervention they need to be successful, confident mathematicians.

Components for Arrive Math Booster

Overview of Arrive Math Modules​

​Spans K–8. A single subscription to Arrive Math Booster provides teachers with access to content for grade levels spanning K–8. ​

Organized into Modules: Each content standard is broken into single skill sets, which make up a module of instructional resources. These resources can be used to target misconceptions and build to full standard understanding. Module assessments are also available to help indicate where students might need additional support. ​

View a program lesson sample, including the complete list of instructional modules.

Take Another Look​

​During independent work time, teachers can easily assign each student a Take Another Look digital mini lesson. ​

These lessons provide quick, actionable data to help inform instruction while supporting each student with a three-part, gradual-release activity.

Guided Support

Each skill standard has a 15-minute Guided Support lesson. These teacher-led, hands-on lessons accommodate additional learning styles by using physical manipulatives or classroom objects to connect abstract concepts to real life.​

Teachers have access to all of the Guided Support instruction in a digital and printable format. Spiral-bound Guided Support Teacher Guides are available through Create Easy Order.

English Language Development

The English Language Development Lessons are teacher-led lessons that promote the relevant acquisition and application of academic vocabulary associated with the lesson’s math objective. ​

The lessons span 10-15 minutes and incorporate graphic organizers, worksheets, and sentence frames as tools for understanding.​

Games Kit

The Arrive Math Classroom Games Kit contains two sets of all the physical materials and instructions needed to play 54 games from kindergarten to eighth grade. The games​:

  • Align with critical skills from grades K–8​
  • Allow students to build fluency of critical math skills.​
  • Promote participation in mathematical discourse.​
  • Accommodate a range of needs through suggested game play variations.​

See the complete list of games in the Arrive Math Games Kit, including how the each game aligns to a specific level, strand, and math focus.