Integration Services

To ease the integration of McGraw Hill digital content with your district’s digital ecosystem, we offer Single Sign-On (SSO) and Auto-Rostering, which is designed to simplify and ensure end-user access. We also offer Assignment Sync and Grade Passback for select programs after Single Sign-On (SSO) and Auto-Rostering have been configured. Read more about this feature below!


To ease the integration of McGraw Hill digital content with your district’s digital ecosystem, we offer Single Sign-On (SSO) and Auto-Rostering. SSO and Auto-Rostering is our fully-integrated Access Service. An Integration Analyst works with your district to discuss the options and complete the one-time integration set-up process. Districts unable to take advantage of our integrated option will use the Direct Login and Manual Rostering access option, outlined at the bottom of this page.


Single Sign-On or SSO enables teachers, students, and administrators to access McGraw Hill platforms from a portal in your district's Learning Management System (LMS) or other launch point. This means teachers, students, and administrators have one less username and password to manage. This integration option utilizes LTI® 1.0 and IdP or Identity Provider Initiated SAML 2.0 Interoperability Standards. IdP SAML means that users sign in to the district’s identity provider and then they access McGraw Hill's Open Learning Environment via SSO.

Auto-Rostering leverages the IMS Global Learning Consortium® OneRoster® 1.0 and 1.1 Standard API or CSV format. This automates user management, content assignment, and class rostering using a file sent to McGraw Hill from the district. Auto-Rostering leaves more time for teachers to teach and students to learn.

Key advantages of SSO and Auto-Rostering

  • Saves teachers time – no need to set up accounts, redeem content, manage codes, or roster classes.
  • Automates user management, content assignment, and class rostering.
  • Provides users seamless access to McGraw Hill K–12 digital resources from a district LMS or launch point.
  • Removes the need for an additional username and password.
  • Follows a repeatable process year over year.
  • Leverages the industry standard OneRoster® specification, which is used by many digital providers.


McGraw Hill is excited to now offer an Assignment Sync and Grade Passback feature for core programs hosted on our Open Learning Platform. This allows users to sync assignments and grades seamlessly between Open Learning and a Learning Management System (LMS), thus removing the need to manually input information or export data from our platform.

McGraw Hill supports the IMS Global integration standards. We currently support the Assignment Sync and Grade Passback functionality of the IMS Global LTI® Advantage Standard within Canvas, Schoology, and D2L/Brightspace. We can also support additional Learning Management Systems (LMS) that follow this standard. Additional information is available on our Help Site, here.

WHAT IS OneRoster®?

OneRoster® is an IMS Global Learning Consortium® standard for securely sharing class rosters and related data between a student information system (SIS) and any other system, such as McGraw Hill digital tools. When districts and their partners adopt OneRoster® standards, it simplifies the management of user accounts, content assignments, and class rosters. McGraw Hill's Single Sign-On (SSO) and Auto-Rostering Access Service utilizes the OneRoster® standard.


Access Manager enables the seamless flow of user, roster, and content assignment data, formatted to industry standards, into McGraw Hill digital tools. The process of manually managing users and class rosters at the beginning of each school year can be time consuming and error prone. When school districts and partners like McGraw Hill support the OneRoster® open standard, onboarding challenges and complexities diminish because of the repeatable standardized process that emerges. Access Manager is OneRoster® 1.1 and 1.0 certified.


The Direct Login and Manual Rostering Access Service provides tools that enable administrators and teachers to manually manage users, content, and classes. Teachers, students, and administrators sign in at Teachers can self-register. Administrators can also create teacher, student, and additional administrator accounts. Teachers manually redeem program content and roster their own classes. For assistance with this rostering method, please view support materials or contact our support teams here.

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"SAML" and "Security Assertion Markup Language" are trademarks of OASIS, the open standards consortium where the SAML specification is owned and developed. SAML is a copyrighted © work of OASIS Open. All rights reserved.