First Aid Forward

Take Your First Aid Study Experience to a New Level

The highly acclaimed First Aid book collection that medical students have relied on for decades is moving into the digital age.

A Comprehensive USMLE® Study Experience

First Aid Forward® is the premier digital USMLE® study resource that brings you the trusted high-yield, and student-reviewed First Aid content, along with targeted quiz questions, on an immersive digital platform, that you can tailor to your unique needs –better positioning you to elevate your USMLE® content mastery.

The platform delivers a robust suite of USMLE® prep resources (which include everything needed to prepare for USMLE® Steps 1, 2 & 3), constantly updated to align with USMLE®’s current blueprint and objectives.

And all of these much-needed USMLE® resources can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere!

Inside First Aid Forward®

Why First Aid Forward®?

Cut Through the Maze of Learning

First Aid Forward® puts high-yield, consumable USMLE® review content at your fingertips. With First Aid content as the foundation, users will have access to highly engaging and memorable explanations, descriptions, and comparisons. This way, students learn in a way that sticks.

Stay Aligned With the USMLE® Blueprint

First Aid Forward® allows users to focus their study on content that will definitively show up on the actual USMLE® exams. Whether students are using it throughout their coursework or during their dedicated study time, First Aid Forward® provides the content that students are ultimately expected to know in order to practice medicine.

Exclusive Access, Anytime and Anywhere

Access First Aid Forward® between classes or in the comfort of your home. The flexibility in your access to the most well-respected and sought-after USMLE® prep content, makes your prep experience seamless and minimizes unnecessary kinks & hassles.

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